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Gamification solutions for Community Development and Human Behavior Changes
Who we are
World of Communities gamification products and services help people understand the benefits of living in trustful and attractive communities. Teachers at schools and universities, civic activists, community managers, project team leads, public servants use World of Communities product and services to make interaction in their community meaningful and more productive. World of Communities is a private company based in Lutsk.

What we do
World of Communities as a concept has started in Ukraine from the idea that citizens should be more engaged in community life as this engagement guarantees sustainable social and economic development of local communities. Since 2016 we develop new tools that allow citizens to take responsibility for their lives and communities, deeply understand how the mechanisms behind healthy and prosperous societies work in practice. World of Communities is developing a national network of practitioners that use serious games and gamification in the field of community development, design and implementation of projects and community development strategies. So far we have prepared more than 50 certified masters of World of Communities and are running a specially tailored interactive online course on the mechanics and use of the game.
Our Products & Services
World of Communities the Game
It's the first Ukrainian multiplayer co-op strategy board game, which closely models real life and real decision-making, conflict-resolution and community development. This tool will change the way you think of human nature, interaction and co-operation.
Workshops on Gamification & Facilitation
Only practical solutions based on gamification approach and participation technics that help teams and groups work more effectively
Community Marketplace
We serve and promote unique local products, services of more than 500 amalgamated communities
WoC Market
The first market of community development tools in Ukraine
Board Games and Gamification Solution Development
We like hard and complex tasks. We believe that games or gamification approach is one of the most productive method to make changes
Our team
Mykhailo Voitovych
Taras Tymchuk
Partner, evangelist
Olha Bachniak
Community Manager
Alex Bachnyak
Graphic Designer
Oleksandra Voitovych-Shevchenko
Kateryna Bilokhvist
Content and SMM manager
Please describe what kind of challenge you face in the area of community development and human behavior and we try to find a practical solution
1 Havryluka Str., Lutsk, Ukraine, 43000, +38 (099) 7765551
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