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become one of the first player of World of Communities Simulation Board Game [MD release]

this fall in Moldova
World of Communities is the social impact board game, which closely models real life and real decision-making, conflict-resolution and community development.

This tool was designed and developed by World of Communities LLC - EdTech company from Ukraine that develops educational simulation games and gamification solutions for better community development & engagement.

In 2019 the game was awarded as The Best Civic Education Project Aimed at Activation Communities by Eastern European Network for Citizenship Education.

In 2018 and 2019 WoC team tested this tool with Moldovan actors working in the field of community development, civic education, youth work and received participant's feedback on the necessity of considering some distinctive features of the country in the game content for more efficient educational effect.

In April 2020 World of Communities in collaboration with DVV International Moldova and Hans-Seidel-Stiftung started the project aimed in creating an effective tool for community members engagement and LLL approach promoting in local communities - simulation board game World of Communities [MD release].

This tool will change the way you think of human nature, interaction and co-operation.
Three good reasons
to start using WoC social impact game approach
Receive a chance to fix some system bugs in Moldovan society with the board game assistance
Reputation of an innovator
Apply new approach to the routine work with the target audience to engage them more efficiently
Become a member of (inter)national network of gamification and game-based educational tools practitioners
Project implementation
Customer research
Exploration the real need of potential game users in Moldova
April - May 2020
Concept Game design
Survey results analysis, creating game content solutions to solve detected problems and translation to Moldovan
May - June 2020
Issuing of first prototypes and game testing in Chisinau
June-July 2020
Facilitation guide
Creating additional methodological materials with practical cases and lifehacks about holding game sessions with different audiences and purposes
July-August 2020
Final release
Making last corrections and final game production
September 2020
Game Masters Certification
Online educational program for certified instructors who can use World of Communities game tool in the area of civic education and community development
September - October 2020
Project Evaluation
Next steps planning
November 2020
The game develops
Skills that are needed and demanded in XXI century
Learning Skills
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Lifelong learning
Life Skills
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Social Skills
  • Productivity
  • Leadership
Citizen Skills
  • Multi Stakeholders Analysis
  • Community Development Tools
  • Financial Literacy
  • Tax Literacy
  • Political Literacy
Players: 4-5
Age: 10+
Duration: 4 hours
Meet our team
We are working hard to make this product the best for you
Adela Scutaru-Gutu
Project Coordinator in Moldova
Natalia Harasivka
Project Coordinator in Ukraine,
Game Masters Certification
Mykhaylo Voitovych
Game Developper
Alex Bashniak
Graphic Game Design
Taras Tymchuk
Maryna Bakaenko
Project Assistant
World of Communities Board Game: How it works
World of Communities players (4-5 players) build their community based on game scenarios. To win the game, players need to develop the community, extend public infrastructure, manage community assets wisely, launch new businesses, develop professional skills, increase level of health and happiness.

What is more, throughout this collective effort to build a sustainable community, each player have to face a variety of tough life choices, thus learning how to balance between life and work, private interests and common good.
How it looks like
Our first implemeting partners in Moldova
Project support
To make a preorder in Romanian language version of World of Communities or
register for the testing of the game
please contact us!

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Phone: +380 67 448 0912
E-mail: game@worldofcommunities.org
Blog: http://gameblog.woc.org.ua
Website: http://market.woc.org.ua
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